Hans Rüttimann, born 1940, grew up in Münsingen in the Valley of the Aare (Switzerland). The parent’s house was already a place of nature reflection. His first countless tries of realizing plants and animals by drawing them already filled up plenty of books during his school time. He loved the nature’s loneliness and sacred silence.

Up till today Hans Rüttimann is true to nature. When Hans Rüttimann is painting or drawing an animal, he pays great respect to the Creation’s miracle. He tries to understand his models „from the inside out“, so to say. The motives of their behaveing, their each time special way of living, their meaning in cooperation with physical agents. The animal painter studies the anatomy of his living idols with effort, endurance and meticulousness. Gotthold Lessing, a poet and philosopher, would call such accuracy: The true devotion to the little things.

Hans Rüttimann is listed and documented in the De Gruyter International Encyclopedia of Artists (www.degruyter.com) (choose English version) as well as Artist Member of www.artoffer.com. The Cat Museum of Switzerland (www.katzenmuseum.ch) in St. Gallen and the Cat Museum in Ludwigshafen (www.katzinett.de) have works by Hans Rüttimann in their inventory.